To enhance the knowledge and vitality of our local Midcoast and Central Maine communities, Unity Foundation sponsors events and learning opportunities that benefit the public. We selectively support events centered upon environmental stewardship, education, leadership and youth.

Camden Conference: As the Education Sponsor for ten years, Unity Foundation’s support connects Maine students with global affairs, debated in their backyard.

Camden International Film Festival: One of the most internationally anticipated documentary film events each year, Unity Foundation became a major sponsor in 2013 to support the economic and artistic development potential of Maine’s Midcoast.

Sebasticook Regional Land Trust (SRLT): Unity Foundation is the Lead Sponsor of the Annual Conservation Celebration and Local Foods Feast.  The SRLT recognizes and conserves the wild and working lands of the Sebasticook River watershed.

Waldo County YMCA Triathlon: Unity Foundation funds the annual triathlon and provides logistical support to this annual YMCA fundraiser.

Midcoast Magnet: Unity staff has served on the board and Program Officer Lori Roming was part of the team leading its Evolution by Design branding effort.

Midcoast Leadership Academy: Unity Foundation is a co-sponsor of this program and Lori Roming helps to coordinate it in order to benefit emerging leaders in Knox and Waldo Counties.

Educate Maine: Teacher of the Year awards celebrate the work of Maine’s educators across the state.