Strategic Grants

Checkbook imageUnity Foundation provides strategic funding to catalyze the learning and growth that build nonprofit capacity or that motivates the community to back important projects. We do not accept unsolicited grant proposals.

Challenge and Matching Grants

Unity Foundation will occasionally issue challenge grants to stimulate community interest and involvement. For example, we provided challenge grants to the Waldo County YMCA to help build a new pool complex, enticing those who would benefit to make individual contributions toward a larger community resource.


Sometimes, having to pay anything is too much for those who have little. Unity Foundation values community programs that teach job and life skills because we feel the whole community benefits from greater employment and skilled citizens. On occasion, we will provide scholarships to enable those most in need of a program to access it. As an example, we provided scholarships to our returning veterans to enroll in career training through the Maine Manufacturing Extension Partnership’s M.O.S.T. program.